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We dedicate the John Marshall Cadet Alumni Web site to the 76 former cadets who gave their life for their country, as well as to the cadets who served in the Armed Forces.
We remember our brother cadets who are no longer with us. May their spirit live on. With gratitude, we give homage to the Cadet Alumni who continue their support upholding the Legacy of the John Marshall Cadet Corps. 

  Below is a portion of General Douglas MacArthur's farewell speech on May 12, 1962, that he delivered to the Cadets at West Point.  The poignant words are befitting to every John Marshall Cadet Alumni. The memories live on.

  "...My days of old have vanished-tone and tints. They have gone glimmering through the dreams of things that were. Their memory is one wonderous beauty, watered by tears and coaxed and caressed by the smiles of yesterday. I listen then, but with thirsty ear,  for the witching melody of faint bugles blowing reveille of far drums beating the long roll...... Today marks my final roll call with you. But I want you to know that when I cross the river, my last conscience thoughts will be of the Corps, and the Corps and the Corps....."

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       This Web site is for you: cadet alumni, former sponsors, fans of the Cadet Corps, Marshallites, family and friends. And because it is for you, we want you to be a part of it and share your thoughts throughout.

    Comments, memories, pictures.... share them with us and see your name in print. This will be a personal tribute to our school and the Cadet Corps, in particular, that has meant so much to us throughout the years.
Check the Web site's Information Page, as well as individual pages for any details.    

 On the Photo Screen Page, remember to click the play button on the "TV Screen." in order to view the pictures scrolling by.  The music is from the John Marshall Cadet Band CD. Permission use was granted. Concept and Composition by Bobby Joyce, Bob Thurman and Lewis Bowman. The Song played is: Hey Look Me Over -'61.  

  • On "Snapshots," the 1948 Jayem Band plays a well-loved medley. You have to guess!!
  • On The Trivia Page, you will hear: "Stars & Stripes Forever" by '58 Band.
  •  In The Archives, the 1956 Band will play for you:"On The Mall."     
  • The Cadet Homage Page, shall we salute those Cadets who achieved greatness with "The Star Spangle Banner" Band of 1959.
  • The Yearbook Page, you are listening to the 1948 Band playing:"National Emblem." 
  • This page, The Welcome Page, you are entertained by the Jayem Band of 1957, playing: "Dixie Patrol."
  • News and Events Page delights you with "76 Trombones" by the 1960 Band.
  • The Remember When Page livens you up with The Barnum & Bailey's Favorite played by the '56 Band.
  • The Sponsors Page romances you with: Let Me Call You Sweetheart. 1959 Band.
  •  The Classified Section. As you make your purchase, listen to the 1965 Band play the "Chicago Tribune."
  •   Corps Memorabilia Page plays E. Plurbis Unum, 1958 Band
 If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your  web browser, you may need to add the Firefox Plugin to hear the audio portion. Simple copy and paste the url below, click Download Now... then run and install. You should now be able to hear all the great Band Music that we love so dearly. 




   From the school's beginning in 1909 and the Cadet Corps in 1915, the world has changed drastically. Who would have thought that we would one day be in Cyberspace....circling the globe with our Alma Mater's very own Web site.   
Happy Birthday Jayem, your students still revere you.
    Taking a look back, one hundred years ago, a school book bag set the parents back 79 cents while a boy's school pants took 39 cents out of pop's paycheck.  For the older students, there was much anticipation, in March of 1908, when ground was broken for a new high school next to the Chief Justice's home.
 Soon after the school was built, the first penny postcards that depicted John Marshall was titled: "The New High School  ."                                  

     In 1915, as the Cadet Corps began, World War I was a year old.  As the war ravaged in Europe, one of our own cadets, Warren Hill Mercer ,Company A, gave his life for the cause.
         On the home front, the song in 1915 was on everyone's lips.

          Keep The Home Fires Burning ‘Till The Boys Come Home

Keep the Home Fires Burning,
While your hearts are yearning,
Though your lads are far away
They dream of home.
There's a silver lining
Through the dark clouds shining,
Turn the dark cloud inside out
'Till the boys come home.

        Back in Richmond, on Broad Street, people cruised in a Model T. Ford. The Motion Pictures featured Charlie Chaplin in The Little Tramp.
     At Ninth and Broad, one might find the cadets standing on the corner watching the pretty girls heading up to Miller and Rhoads.
             Many afternoons, cadets and their sweethearts lingered for a drink at Miller's Soda Shop until the trolley or your feet made the rounds homeward.
       The old adage was never truer to a cadet: early to bed, early to rise makes a cadet healthy and wise.  
  Then off you headed for another day as a proud cadet at John Marshall High.
  Yes, former cadets...some things never changed throughout the years.